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This page is a resource for fun and engaging lesson plans about insects and the IPM program.

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension – Elementary Insects [External Website]

This website was built to provide resources for use by teachers or anyone with an interest in teaching about insects. Each training module focuses on a particular group of insects and is composed of five items:

•Student’s Booklet of Activities: Contains basic activities that can be used to educate children in the 2nd through 4th grade.

•Teacher’s booklet: Provides basic outline of how each lesson should be taught as well as the answers to the questions in the Student’s Booklet.

•Pre- and Post- evaluations of students: It is important that you know the students are learning about the target arthropod. These evaluations will allow you to do so.

•Post evaluation for teachers: It is important that you receive feedback from the teachers on how the activities can be improved or expanded. We value any comments that we might receive

•Crossword Puzzle: The puzzle presents questions and answers in a relatively non-challenging format. Some units have interactive crossword puzzles.

Grades K-5

Caterpillars to Butterflies

Haulin’ Pollen

Insects at Home

Insect Communication and Harmful Insects

Insect Olympics

Introduction to Insects

IPM Jump Start

Join Our Pest Patrol: Teacher Guide

Ladybugs and Grasshoppers

Nectar Collector

What is an Insect?

Grades 6-8

Insect Olympics

Introduction to Insects

IPM Jump Start

IPM Pyramid

Join Our Pest Patrol: Teacher Guide

Grades 9-12

Greenhouse Curriculum: Introduction

Hopper Hunt

For Teachers

Importance of IPM in the Classroom

Web Resources

Additional Lesson Plans


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