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An Ounce of Prevention 1An Ounce of Prevention – Integrated Pest Management for Schools and Childcare Facilities.  (PDF) The brochure was designed with school administrators, teachers, parents and other stakeholders about the importance of integrated pest management is for student and employee health.  The brochure walks the reader through many of he steps of IPM.

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IPM Checklists For a Successful IPM Program The final page of this color brochure has some easy checklists that can be used as a start of implementing an IPM program into your school, child care, institution or business.




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IPM_Public_1Pager_Page_1 Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a strategy that controls pests with
the least cost and the least toxic chemicals.

IPM focuses on preventing pest problems rather than routinely applying
long-lasting pesticides to hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and classrooms.
For example, pest proofing and cleanliness can make a school, apartment
complex, or home less attractive to pests.

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The Texas School IPM Program In 1991, TX enacted one of the first laws requiring public schools to adopt integrated pest management.  The school IPM program has been in effect for over fifteen years, saving schools thousands of dollars on unnecessary pesticide applications.  At the same time, schools have learned how to manage pests better using integrated pest management.

To see what it takes to have an IPM program in TX public schools download TX School IPM Program – what everyone needs to know to keep kids safe


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